Our Mission

Music & Entertainment Association of Ireland (MEAI) was founded by Jackie Conboy and Mark O’Reilly in June 2020.

Addressing many issues in the Music Industry in recent years, and also to deal with the Covid 19 crisis in which our industry and members (c.4,400) find themselves. 

Our long term goal is to realise much needed change in the industry through legislation, regulation and licensing.
As a result of the current Covid 19 crisis in the Music & Entertainment sector (& the Arts in general), MEAI are concentrating on key issues which address the greatest worries and threats to our members welfare, security and mental health. 
We also feel that the protection and security of these members will allow the industry to reopen at a much quicker pace (when the time comes) rather than crawl its way back to normal rates of production.
We need the support to sustain our industry, until it is allowed to reopen.